Carbon Offset Labels


Looking to offset your carbon emissions and mitigate your impact on our environment? We know there is a lot of confusion, complexity, and non-transparent mechanisms that exist in the marketplace…so we developed the most comprehensive and accurate measurement through our 10 carbon offset labels suitable for business of all sizes and industries. We measure all emission sources not only energy and waste, but also people, transportation, materials, and landuse. Regardless of the size and scope of your emissions, we offer flexible and affordable solutions that directly address your impact on the environment. Unlike most emissions trading, offsets, and projects out there today, our carbon offset labels are scientifically guaranteed from start to finish!

Your leadership, our label, your value!

CO2e landuse

  • Grasslands, forests, and soil naturally retain carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide, as well as a few other greenhouse gases. Thus, when occupying and using the lands’ natural forms of carbon sequestration, the greenhouse gas emissions are released into the atmosphere. This is particularly true when excavating, removing and in certain cases tilling and farming soil, grass, and forests which are no longer able to naturally act as carbon sinks, also referred to as carbon sequestration.
  • Until now, there has been no easy way to look at the importance of our natural habitats, while understanding the inherent codependence across all sectors and society to use land and its abundance of resources for their own purposes and use. Our landuse sequestration product label solves this interchangeable complexity in a universally applicable, market-savvy, and scientifically factual way… Whether you want to monetize the stored metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalents in above-ground vegetation, the 5% of topsoil, and embodied deep soil or looking to account for and directly offset your footprint, all for a fixed price, then you have reached the right place.
  • Whether preserving a natural habitat or using land for agriculture, industry or for all intense purposes, the total metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalents are quantified in units of area, geographical land type, and depth by our product label.

CO2e material

  • Products of any kind, whether natural, synthetic, renewable or organic extract a tremendous amount of resources from the planet. Everyone enjoys products regardless of what segment, industry, or purpose they were created for. Not to mention the essential role all products have in a consumer-driven marketplace to sustain, balance, and enhance economic growth.
  • This is why and how we designed the carbon dioxide equivalent material label for companies of all shapes, sizes and segments. Any business producing or manufacturing a product understands the importance of and difficulties associated with supply chains as well as the raw, processed, or extracted material inputs that result in a finished product. Furthermore, as experts within in our respective fields we know that life cycle assessments are often inaccurate, skewed with false data, time consuming, too costly, and irrelevant when understanding total manufacturing processes in a globalized economy…particularly when taking into consideration what is most valuable and applicable to your core business as it pertains to climate change. If you are looking to increase product/brand value, enhance your corporate sustainability initiative, or trailblaze the competition, get in touch today and we would be happy to show you the ropes.
  • Whether a fortune 500 company or niche manufacturer, the energy source used to manufacture is determined, thus resulting in the total annual amount of metric tons emitted to produce each product or group of products. The total annual metric tons of emissions derived from manufacturing the product(s)are then appropriated fiscally based upon total annual production output.

CO2e mobility

  • All professional services use some type of vehicle to get from point A to point B, serve customers, and conduct their daily operational activities. The reality is that business, society, and industry are decades away from any form of wide-scale clean transportation: not to mention the direct clean energy sources required to supply power to such vehicles and the massive amount of emissions generated from the production of those vehicles.
  • Large fleets consume massive volumes of gasoline, diesel, or bio-diesel. Conscious SME’s are aware that their transportation footprint from rendering services or powering their electric vehicles from non-renewable energy sources drastically outweighs every sustainable step they attempt to implement. Our mobility label ethically addresses those concerns and the carbon dioxide equivalent emissions derived from fuel combustion, electric vehicle charging, and air conditioning. If you are looking to differentiate your services, factually enhance your marketing efforts, or simply do the right thing for the environment, contact us today to hear more about our flexible and affordable carbon neutral mobility product.
  • The total annual metric tons of greenhouse gases emitted from the combustion of fuels, electric charging, and HFC’s are aggregated in units of volume, units of energy, and equipment capacity.

CO2e machinery

  • In an ever evolving industrial and technologically driven world…machines and equipment, as well as the automated processes that fuel or power them, will continue to need, use, and become even more reliant on sources that cannot sustain their energy supply demands. Many of modern society’s interconnected systems, infrastructure, and amenities also wouldn’t exist without the development, design, and scalability of such apparatus’.
  • If you are producing batteries, photovoltaics, sensors or appliances…manufacturing parts and components on a macro or micro scale…synthesizing chemical compounds…extracting raw materials or using heavy-duty equipment, then our label will address your needs while enhancing your reputation, making you feel great about the things you produce to enhance our lives. It goes without saying your stock ticker or privatized shares will also see a steady uptick
  • The total annual metric tons of greenhouse gases emitted from the combustion of fuels, fuel technologies, HFC’s, and PFC’s are aggregated in units of volume, units of energy, and equipment capacity.

CO2e electricity

  • Emissions equals energy and energy equals emissions. There is no doubt about the correlation of global warming, energy production and electrical consumption. Power, energy, and electricity come in many forms, all of which produce carbon dioxide equivalent emissions either directly or indirectly. The fact remains that every activity, no matter how small or how large, whether professionally or personally generated, results in emissions. Some are larger than others…some are technically, scientifically, and creatively umbrellaed under initiatives or disguised by financial schemes and even politically outsourced to other countries to bear the burden.
  • With our label the scope, intensity, fuel composition, stationary equipment, chemical or processed combustion method, facility use, combined heat and power supply, business area, sectorial type or toxicity derived from renewable and non-renewable sources is easily managed for you to shine amongst your industry, your customers, and set competitors at bay. Whether a global manufacturer, huge tech firm, or local SME our product addresses your needs in a factual, affordable and value-oriented way.
  • The total annual metric tons of greenhouse gases from stationary combustion are summed by energy source in units of mass or volume.

CO2e cooling

  • Cooling systems, refrigerators, industrial processes, and HVAC in every sector or purpose of use, result in a tremendous amount of carbon emissions known as hydrofluorocarbons and perfluorocarbons. Any refrigeration equipment type regardless if used to transport huge quantities of food, large-scale industrial heating and cooling production, or for all intensive HVAC, air conditioning, or refrigeration purposes release these greenhouse gas emissions.
  • If you are a Big box retailer, household appliance manufacturer, refrigeration equipment supplier, cooled goods transporter, or district heating and cooling utility, inquire about our label that seamlessly helps you address the global warming potential from the production and consumption of your products and services.
  • The total annual metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions from cooling system’s HFC’s and PFC’s are accumulated thru nameplate capacity weight and operational efficiency.

CO2e upcycling

  • Waste, recycling, and circularity of raw materials being reprocessed into the manufacturing lifecycle is an important reuse of the worlds resources. Materials that have already had a full lifespan also help offset the extraction of scarce resources used to produce things. Understanding the importance of the interconnected product loop and the not so sustainable ways of societal behavior, our circular label was born.
  • Product manufacturer, municipality, recycling facility, general contractor, construction demolition firm, paper and packaging supplier or just have tons of material coming or going …then get in touch to hear about the label that spins the waste of today and tomorrow into carbon reductions of the future.
  • The total annual metric tons of greenhouse gas reductions from reprocessed materials are summed in net weight and aggregated by a emissions factor inverse.

CO2e product

  • Ninety-nine percent of all products on the market have an impact. Some more than others. A few that have less emissions, result in a net zero wash, and even some that mitigate emissions but don’t take into any consideration their own footprint prior to taking them to the market.
  • Although there are many innovative products throughout many segments and genres most don’t reach their full potential…until now. Welcome to the future of product that fuse innovation, design, and technological precision with the power of our embodied label.
  • If you are entering unchartered territory, are light years ahead of the competition, and want to transcend your product into greatness, our label can help. Reach out to us today to hear more about what solidifies this label into a class of its own.