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Through years of sustainability-centric curiosity, resulting in total climate comprehension, we have noticed an abundance of misrepresentations, illegitimate claims, and false testaments to our industry and society. With that said, we have also come to the realization that the world is filled with like-minded citizens and professionals who lead through behavior, action, and choice. The I1 Initiative was curated to balance these findings, while pinpointing the who’s who through engagement in best practices, transparency, and market intelligence, leveraging the internet of things to fuel the present and the future. The following is where these efforts reside:

i1.1 Marketability

i1.2 Game Changers

i1.3 The People


Forget the abundance of information out there. To make it easy…climate planning boils down to people and planet. The science, formulas, and processes are not simple. However, thanks to so many individuals, organizations, and entities who have invested tremendously in our planet, meaningful results are at our fingertips. The fact remains that community climate plans must be specifically addressed through greenhouse gases and the mitigation of carbon dioxide equivalents derived from each impact area that is also simultaneously measured. The I2 Initiative was designed to help communities throughout the world to do just that! The following is where these efforts reside:

i2.1 CO2e Inventories

i2.2 CO2e Waste

i2.3 eGRID


Government at the local, state, and federal level have facilitated a tremendous amount of resilience on behalf of all citizens through senate bills, legislature, and policy geared at protecting the planet, which we inhabit. This is not to mention the risks facing humanity and all businesses. The fact remains that there is still an abundance of work to do that needs to be at a pace and efficiency required to address climate change and sustainable development goals. This will guarantee the benefits to the people who deserve it most. Our organization understands the complexity, objectives, and needs of public and private sectors. The I3 Initiative was curated to serve as a liaison between governmental agencies, citizens, and business through sustainable democracy. The following is where these efforts reside to begin facilitating the urgency that is required to save our planet through legislative policy, climate agreements, and consensus-based regulation via the climate referees:

i3.1 Government

i3.2 Institutions

i3.3 Academia


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