We believe climate change affects everyone…making it our mission to work with individuals and communities to improve society’s chances at reaching humankind’s 1.5° Celsius target. Through the client’s commitment and our climate planning know-how we have the capacity to contribute to carbon neutral communities and efficiently contribute to sustainable cities – project by project, impact by impact, and area by area.

Our eco labels are heavily rooted in climate science and complete building design. Although typically geared towards building professionals, each of our environmental declarations does seamlessly integrate into each built environment phase…from vast urban planning requirements to the individual homeowner.

PI’s certified consumer eco labels include CO2e climate, CO2e prefab, and CO2e renovate. Each label was curated from factual climate science and simplified to address multifaceted customer needs, as well as industry complexities. Our streamlined greenhouse gas neutral (GHGn) and greenhouse gas surplus (GHG+) built environment processes factually result in net zero architecture and sustainable real estate.

Each label, it’s carbon dioxide equivalency measurement tenacity, and climate resilient benefits are awarded to the homeowner, key stakeholders, and physical structure. Doing such has resulted in freedom of choice, credible transparency, and easily understandable confidence in your impact on the climate. Explore our carbon neutral eco labels that seemlessly contribute to sustainable cities and communities.


CO2e climate

PI’s carbon dioxide equivalent climate eco label was designed solely for the individual. Ecological flexibility, climate advocacy, and sustainable leadership are at your fingertips. This is no different than the way you choose how to live your life or design your dwelling. You now have the means to exercise your impactful choice for the planet. It is a decision that is very affordable and packed with actual climate results that are easily understood. Sounds too good to be true? Well get in touch and we will show you all you need to know to live 100% sustainable – no compromise and no hassle. Experience your golden contribution to climate change. Your efforts, your commitments, your results! 

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CO2e prefab

PI’s  carbon dioxide equivalent prefab eco label is 100% ecological living. We have worked with the best and convinced them that sustainable design requires a balanced approach that transcends the test of time, has limitless boundaries, and encapsulates the essence of beauty. We have curated a customized, tailor made, eco-conscious solution just for you – a solution that does not compromise taste or your budget that fuses guaranteed carbon neutral processes with modern prefabricated housing designs.

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CO2e renovate

PI’s carbon dioxide equivalent renovate eco label was formulated from the rigorous exploration of creativity and expression. Thereby it is ensured that the client’s vision is not only impeccably timeless and constructed properly, but result in sustainability throughout the entire conceptualization and construction processes. Our climate change expertise realizes that it’s always better to utilize existing space, rather building new. Our climate change expertise realizes that it’s always better to utilize existing space, rather than building new. We align your renovation plans to the CO2e designer principles, while streamlining selective carbon reduction techniques to ensure your vision is realized, while ensuring the rehabilitation process is seamless and uncomplicated. It is a choice that is simple, yet hugely impactful because we understand the demands. We have structured a customized eco-conscious solution just for you – a solution that is affordable, adds homeowner value and does not compromise on spatial design flexibility.

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