Our Story

PI’s doctrine of value creation is rooted in the notion that attributing fundamental and equal precedence to economic profit, societal wellbeing, and environmental design results in triple bottom line performance, sustained societal inclusiveness, and balanced community impacts. There is no denying the immediate action we must take to transition our way of living through our behavioral choices. Our philosophy is embedded in our DNA because sustainability infuses all organizational aspects. Every facet of Pre Impact – from our patented processes and ecological services to where we invest – is guided by sustainability and designed into our climate resilient decision-making.

Pre Impact symbolizes pioneering thought leadership, tenacious respect for the planet, and a paradigm shift to no nonsense, scientifically-driven climate mitigation solutions. Best practices are our standard. Collaboration, unity, and adherence to measurable economic, social, and environmental performance are the building blocks of our work. This cultivates our public and private sector engagement, guides our initiatives, and sharpens our policy.

After a decade of research encapsulating every form of sustainability, assessing countless global climate change agendas, and perceiving an array of initiatives, programs, and laws…we have finally cracked the code. On ample occasions our story nearly ended. Whether market forces, political turmoil, miscalculated strategy, futuristic timing, governance mistakes, or any of the other countless barriers that believers, entrepreneurs, dreamers, visionaries, or inventors face along the way…we have not only not ended…but just begun because we felt an obligation to society to bring our solution forward.

Understanding this, we are now more keen than ever, knowing the importance of working together as a unified people for the betterment of society; present and future! We are working together in ways that not only produce results, but appreciate the pursuit in itself. We need to respect one another, while questioning the norm, challenging the status quo, and productively asking questions when things are misunderstood.

This is our story. Only together with open minds and collective efforts can we shape the present. A present that needs us now…not tomorrow…not in 2030…and not in 2050.

Embrace our historic solution, so that together we can embed it into communities throughout the world, and mitigate tons and tons of CO2e (carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, PFCs, HFCs, Nitrogen triflouride, sulfur hexafluoride) from the atmosphere.

We have built a team comprised of unparalleled talent, whom provide solutions that address the foremost detrimental issue facing humankind and business. Whether you are seeking to facilitate carbon neutrality in your community, proactively contribute to your businesses impact on climate change, or realize increased asset value via our securitized Greenhouse Gas Neutral & Greenhouse Gas Plus Built Environment product then you have reached the right place. It goes without saying that our products are in a league of their own because nature is our best customer and we are nature’s best client.