CZERO is a whole lifecycle real estate product that increases your asset value while easily validating your properties’ sustainability performance. Our [CZERO] messaging is factually simple, yet utterly scientific. High-performing, sustainable living for all. By understanding our customers’ needs in a complex environmental, social and governance market out came [CZERO] – a product that is easily understandable by all and can rapidly be applied to any built environment. It visualizes sustainability features, optimizes design, reduces capital costs, improves operational cost savings, minimizes carbon, increases energy efficiency, reduces risk and future-proofs your asset, to say the least. We call it the sustainable triangle…Model. Validate. Outperform.

[CZERO] is when all measured emissions, energy, waste and water from the building, residence, or portfolio equal zero. With CZERO…development and performance indicators of ESG, such as onsite safety, financed emissions, climate risk and scope three, are built-in and automated. The real estate process is not impacted any differently, with one exception: information optimization, ease of use and valuation. Our product provides a simple, trusted and turnkey ESG performance information modeling solution that is not only easy for the customer to implement but affordable and undoubtedly sustainable. The product seamlessly addresses the real estate’s entire lifecycle, new and existing buildings, residences, and portfolios across all property types and asset classes.

If alignment to external market mechanisms such as building codes, climate legislation, sustainability-linked loans, green financing programs, certifications, standards, circularity or anything of the sorts is required, it’s a non-issue because our product has been rigorously tested to organically outperform in the market. As such all customers are guaranteed that their [CZERO] product is easily bankable, fully verified and indefinitely tradable in any real estate transaction. But don’t take our word for it…see for yourself and feel free to connect with us anytime.

Your choice, your impact, your ROI.


Our CZERO real estate product result in superior investment returns and automatic triple-bottom-line value. The investment product that is bound to the asset is CZERO. A property is CZERO when the total emissions, energy, waste and water measured are zero or when there is a surplus. We view economic , climate, and social risks as one and the same, so we structured our product to mitigate risk, while increasing the asset’s financial value and ease of ESG management. The eight product performance inclusions are standardized, addressing the whole building lifecycle while directly measuring the social impacts from the development as well as the financed emissions from commercial and residential lending. The outcome for our clients are better designed, risk adverse real assets, automated and enhanced ESG scoring, shareholder sentiment, decarbonized on-balance sheet loans and investments and a whole lot more!


  1. Landuse Sequestration


  1. Building Materials-All
  2. Planning Service Transit
  3. Planning Stationary Equipment
  4. Construction Equipment & Tools
  5. Construction Fleets & Heavy-Duty Machinery
  6. Material & Product Shipping
  7. Refrigerants-HFC, PFC


  1. Onsite Renewables/GPP
  2. Passive Design/EE
  3. Electrification


  1. Upcycling Building Materials


  1. Potable Water Consumption
  2. Non-potable Reuse
  3. Rainwater Capture

CO2e Reductions

  1. Property Area
  2. Demolition
  3. Product Specification
  4. Renewables/GPP
  5. Building Envelope

Development ESG

  1. Onsite Safety
  2. Supply Chain: Planners, Construction, Contractors
  3. Diversity & Inclusion

Performance ESG

  1. Financed Emissions
  2. Physical Climate Risk
  3. Targets



CZERO ESG-Grade product contractually stipulated into building project

Project owner receives guaranteed interest rate reduction from lender

CZERO ESG-Grade sustainable building or residence information modeled 


Performance targets automated and projections set. Project owner receives marketing-kit for sales channels


Completed CZERO ESG-Grade project sent to external auditor and lender

Modeled performance data validated, CZERO notarized to real estate asset and return on investment gained