Originate. Underwrite. Close.

Green Lending instruments are institutional and agency underwritten loans that are most often funded by and linked through the bond market. Green banking and green mortgage products, also referred to as sustainability-linked loans, green bonds, energy-efficiency mortgage, energy mortgage, green/sustainable building loans, 504 green loans and PACE financing cover just about any commercial or residential lending scenario. When originated ethically, steered by concrete performance targets with no acceptance of greenwashing, these green lending instruments and programs provide tremendous value for the borrower and the lender.

The intrinsic borrower value that is directly attributable to their real estate investment are lower cost of capital, interest rate reductions, optimal capital stacks, increased net operating income, less risk profile, easier access to capital, preserved equity, appeasing market demands and whole array of evidence-based value that is not only measurable but communicatable. Lender value-drivers are lower default rates, lower repayment risks, amplified SDG/Paris Agreement contributions, shareholder sentiment, improved Scope 3 on balance sheet loans and investments and a whole an array of tangible ESG value, translating directly into better performing assets.

In capital markets, as ESG and sustainability performance continue to trend upward, borrowers and institutions require solutions that can seamlessly address extensive and complex processes from the lens of each party involved in the real estate transaction. Our green lender network places the utmost trust in our standardized czero esg-grade product that results in a streamlined, turn key process which provides lenders the needed sustainability assurance, building design expertise and underwriting performance targets while guaranteeing borrowers and every property the best terms on the market. We place people at the heart of everything. Talk to us today about your project needs and how we can help boost your IRR, reduce your cost of capital, optimize your NOI, increase your ESG performance, and enhance your assets ROI.

CZERO ESG-Grade Funding

Project finance types

  • Commercial
  • Agency
  • PACE
  • Senior Debt
  • Conventional
  • Residential

Align transactional parties

  • Borrower
  • Lender
  • Insurers
  • Property Assessors
  • AEC

Project feasibility

  • Project financial analysis
  • Project design and information modeling
  • Project package

ESG into capital stacks

  • Price premium
  • ESG modelled
  • Pro forma metric alignment

Performance target guarantees

  • Project owner’s asset modeled
  • Debt lender’s ongoing loan performance
  • ESG targets into non-binding loan offer

Underwriting and rate lock

  • CZERO product into terms and conditions
  • Discounted interest rate obtained
  • Closing