7.34 mt N2O 1,093.74 mt CO2 265.3 mt CO2 0.1 mt CH4 28.10 mt HFC
10.21 mt CH4 .001 mt N2O 100.01 mt CO2 0.59 mt CH4 10.81 PFC
6.83 mt HFC 18.77 mt PFC 35.90 mt N2O 2.80 mt CH4 4.92 mt N2O
1.19 mt CH4 366.30 mt CO2 50.11 mt CH4 1,809.70 mt CO2 0.69 mt PFC
10.07 mt NF3 90.06 mt SF6


We are drinking the embodied carbon cool-aid and Pre Impact is well ahead of curve – Ben Myers, Boston Properties

Pl has a very bright future – Mark Andrew Kelly, Architect

Very comprehensive product and process for accounting emissions from the complete built environment – Jake Rabinowitz, PhD. Electrical Engineering

Through a precise product and factual standard, Pre Impact realizes
actual carbon neutral real estate for 1.25-1.75% from the total asset
pricepoint… Revolutionary! – D. Stockhammer, PhD. Architecture.

I’m impressed with the holistic and life-cycle analysis that shows the
true environmental impact of design decisions. I see a lot of relevance for
this work in the real estate industry and excited to see its applicabilty to
my projects. – Kevin Bright, City of Rochester & DMCC

We live, breath, and enjoy the pursuit from vision through conceptualization and occupancy. Our aim is to fluidly fuse those ideations with precision, detail, quality, and expertise to ensure the complex building process flows as efficiently as possible, while balancing the investment’s environmental, social, and economic performance.

Understanding the project’s requirements and asset’s finite investment importance, while adding measurable triple bottom line value is what the CZERO ESG-Grade product does. CZERO is when all measured emissions, energy, waste and water from the building, residence, or portfolio equal zero. Development and performance indicators of ESG are built-in and automated with the real estate asset. The product results in a seamless process that provides unparalleled, investment-grade management data spanning the entire real estate lifecycle that are preset and disclosed automatically for high-performing ESG real assets. The product’s proprietary process seamlessly addresses new and existing buildings, residences, and portfolios across all property types and asset classes. An external audit is included with the product as an added quality control measure that further assures investment creditability, no falsification of metric tons and the minimal usage of carbon offsets. Therefore, all customers are guaranteed that their CZERO product is easily bankable, fully verified and indefinitely tradable in the real estate marketplace.

Below you can experience more about [CZERO]. Access the CZERO ESG-Grade Real Assets product literature for more detailed information, how easy the process is and the return on investment. Your choice, your impact, your ROI.


CZERO is a sustainable real estate product that results in superior investment returns and automatic triple-bottom-line value. The investment product that is bound to the asset is CZERO. A property is CZERO when the total measured emissions, energy, waste and water are zero or when there is a surplus. We view economic , climate, and social risks as one and the same, so we use this product to mitigate risk, while increasing the asset’s financial value and ease of ESG management. The eight product performance inclusions are standardized, addressing the whole building lifecycle while directly measuring the social impacts from the development as well as the financed emissions from commercial and residential lending. The outcome for clients are better designed assets, tangible asset risk mitigation, automated and enhanced ESG scoring, shareholder sentiment, decarbonized on-balance sheet loans and investments and a whole lot more!

  • Landuse
  • Carbon
  • Energy
  • Waste
  • Water
  • CO2e Reductions


Development, performance, and management indicators of ESG are granularly built-in and automated with CZERO. Each of the applicable environmental and social metrics that define strategy and guide policy are embedded, measured, tracked and disclosed with the real estate asset. This provides unparalleled, investment grade data spanning the entire real estate investment lifecycle that makes the governance of ESG investment goals easily manageable and more profitable.

  • Development_ESG_Onsite Safety
  • Development_ESG_Supply Chain Planners, Construction, Contractors, Materials
  • Development_ESG_Diversity & Inclusion
  • Performance_ESG_Financed Emissions
  • Performance_ESG_Physical Climate Risk
  • Performance_ESG_Affordable Housing
  • Performance_ESG_Targets


CZERO product contractually stipulated into building project
Client/Owner notifies banking institution for reduced interest
rate from green lending

Onboard project stakeholders via project’s legally-binding data intake tool

Marketing integrates asset’s product performance into sales channels
Aggregate, audit, and report CZERO asset and ESG development data
Product notarized to real asset and properties’ return on investment gained

Our proprietary product uses actual consumption data, direct greenhouse gas emission sources, and industry/geographically specific emission factors. On our website you can learn more about our proprietary structured carbon zero product, its patented built environment process and refer to these resources for additional info