We help financial services, asset managers, investment banks and real estate portfolios to strategize, plan, and manage their carbon footprint. With our expertise our future proof consulting services specifically address your unique needs, regardless of your company’s complexity, scope size, or stage of its net zero journey and decarbonization goals. We seamlessly address your carbon hotspots and overlap what is material to your business in the form of quality- oriented and measurable value. The best part is that with us it takes weeks…not months or years to get your scope one, two, and three emissions aggregated, impact data optimized, stakeholders engaged and neatly placed into the boardroom for decisional autopilot.

Explore our consulting packages below and get in touch to transcend your path to carbon neutrality!

[Net Zero Starter]

  • Step 1: NDA signed to protect your data
  • Step 2: Impact mapping of scope 1,2, and 3 emissions
  • Step 3: Pick 1 disclosure reporting scheme
  • Step 4: Assemble your raw data
  • Step 5: Define best emissions metric
  • Step 6: Calculate footprint
  • Step 7: External target tracking

[Net Zero Advanced]

  1. Confidentiality agreement signed
  2. Carbon footprint data quality control
  3. Scopes 1,2,3 and offsets risk assessment
  4. Collaborative stakeholder engagement plan
  5. Software analysis and integration
  6. Portfolio hotspots risk mitigation
  7. Real time asset monitoring
  8. Abatement, NPV, and investment visualization
  9. Emissions intensity to net zero timeline
  10. Disclosure gap analysis
  11. Quarterly and annual performance monitoring